February 19, 2018

Kondwani – Silver Rails

20140118_1030PAB_0676_KONDWANI_LENOX_PARK_BRIDGE_SILVERRAIL_2048xAUTO_sig.JPGATLANTA, Ga. (Jan. 18, 2014) – Model Kondwani Kapembwa and photographer Michael Uribe take time out of their busy schedules to conduct a photo shoot on a bridge with curving silver rails. The weather was cold, and challenges existed for both the model and the photographer to maintain their composure while shooting.

Photographer’s Notes:

The silver rails on this bridge are what motivated me when composing this photograph. The idea was to have Kondwani position herself in such a way so that the line of her back was similar to the curving lines of the silver rails on the bridge.

The shot turned out to be more complicated than expected. The angle to take the photograph was restricted between each of the cement columns between the rails. I wanted to shoot as much to the side of Kondwani so that I was nearly at a 90 degree angle from her. This would avoid having the rails appear more of a background feature instead of a lines feature.

Shooting at an extreme 90 degree angle also would make the pathway fade into the far distance blurred by a shallow depth of field. Another obstacle I needed to work around was created by various brackets supporting the railing. If the brackets were included in the photograph, they would have competed with the curving lines of the railing.

I also didn’t want to shoot too extreme of an angle so as to not have the perspective effected created by the individual silver rails. Composing too much to the right would have removed the perspective effect.

The shot was accomplished entirely in camera with no major post processing involved. Only basic enhancements to the photograph were performed such as cropping, sharpness, brightness, etc., in post production.

I look forward to revisiting this shot in the future to experiment with different compositions.

A work in progress.

Vol: 20140118_1030PAB Photography by MichaelUribe.com.