February 19, 2018

Nikon WT5 at Krog Street Tunnel (Trailer)

Nikon WT5 In the House!

(Sept. 23, 2014) A short trailer of a video I’m putting together of my use of the Nikon WT5 Wireless Transmitter plugged into a Nikon D4 at the Krog Street Tunnel here in Atlanta.

The finished video will include various aspects of using the WT5 on location at the Krog.

The system is robust, reliable and opens up another way of shooting using the iPhone or iPad as a remote viewer and camera operator on the set.

Vol: 20140923_2316MX v03

Photographers Capture the Graffiti at Krog Street Tunnel


Traveling back and forth across the top of it, large transport vehicles move cargo containers to and from waiting trains. Inside, the sound of passing traffic is heard echoing across its two main walls and three rows of thirty concrete support columns spanning across its width.

It is this atmosphere that sets the stage inside the Krog Street Tunnel where illusive graffiti artists paint their creations.

The tunnel’s allure is no small thing in Atlanta. Tourists, residents, bikers, skaters, and drivers passing through it are just some of its frequent visitors.

On occasion, photographers can be seen using the grungy atmosphere inside the tunnel as a backdrop to their photography.

On this day, a photographer appeared with a blonde model dressed in a sexy black dress.  The bright led light source used by the photographer to light his model permeated the dimly lit corridor minimally lit by a row of graffiti laden lights lining the ceiling over the pedestrian pathway traversing inside the tunnel.

Within minutes, the photographer and model eventually left but not before taking a final shot near the entrance of the tunnel in front of a large “King Gorrilla” poster.

As quickly as it started, the photo shoot ended, but not before I was able to take a few of pictures of the production.

Having been working the tunnel for a number of weeks as part of a photography project, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to other people passing through the tunnel.

One guy, posting a sticker and taking a few point and shoot photographs of the tunnel, explained how local authorities try to keep the walls graffiti free.

“The local authorities eventually paint over the graffiti from time to time with grey paint,” he said. “They [graffiti artists] just paint right back over it”.

No matter how you slice it, the cycle of the graffiti artists painting their creations and the city painting over their creations will continue. In the meanwhile, the spectacle of the Krog Street Tunnel will continue to be one of Atlanta’s mysterious attractions.

King Gorilla