February 19, 2018

Dogwood Arts Festival 2014, Atlanta, Ga. – “Bikeless”

20140411_1710MX_061 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01 Orton 01A_1024xAUTO.JPGATLANTA, Ga. (April 11, 2014) – The Dogwood Arts Festival took place this year at Piedmont Park for three fun-filled days bringing together local residents and artists from around the country.

The festival had a myriad of other activities to include live performances, food stands, and dog shows for the festival goers to enjoy.

Hundreds of exhibitors presented their creations during the festival, many hoping to sell their pieces. Yet others were happy just to attend and exhibit their work before the curious public.

Overall, the sunny weather accommodated the festival’s activities allowing it to bring all its joy and wonder to the residence in Atlanta.

Photography by MichaelUribe.com

Photographers Notes:

A number of shots were taken of this scene. I think what give’s it that extra feel is the little girl balancing on the curb.

Vol: 20140411_1710MX

20140411_1710MX_043 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01 Sepia 01A_1024xAUTO.JPG20140411_1710MX_006 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01_1024xAUTO.JPG20140411_1710MX_061 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01 Orton 01A_1024xAUTO.JPG