February 19, 2018

SOBE – Rocks Girl

20130725_1925PA_001_PSHOOT_SOBE_ROCKS_GIRL_1024xAUTO.JPGSOUTH BEACH, Fla. (July 25, 2013) – There are no shortage of rocks along the jeti at South Beach. There, when the sun slowly finds its way falling into a sunset, location photography is a breeze.

Photography by MichaelUribe.com.

Vol: 20130725PA


Dogwood Arts Festival 2014, Atlanta, Ga. – “Bikeless”

20140411_1710MX_061 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01 Orton 01A_1024xAUTO.JPGATLANTA, Ga. (April 11, 2014) – The Dogwood Arts Festival took place this year at Piedmont Park for three fun-filled days bringing together local residents and artists from around the country.

The festival had a myriad of other activities to include live performances, food stands, and dog shows for the festival goers to enjoy.

Hundreds of exhibitors presented their creations during the festival, many hoping to sell their pieces. Yet others were happy just to attend and exhibit their work before the curious public.

Overall, the sunny weather accommodated the festival’s activities allowing it to bring all its joy and wonder to the residence in Atlanta.

Photography by MichaelUribe.com

Photographers Notes:

A number of shots were taken of this scene. I think what give’s it that extra feel is the little girl balancing on the curb.

Vol: 20140411_1710MX

20140411_1710MX_043 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01 Sepia 01A_1024xAUTO.JPG20140411_1710MX_006 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01_1024xAUTO.JPG20140411_1710MX_061 Dogwood 2014 Arts Festival Day 01 Orton 01A_1024xAUTO.JPG

Photographers in Motion – Younghyun Cho at Atlantic Station Bridge, Atlanta, Ga.

20140209_1826PA_014_PIM_YOUNGHYUM_CHO_AT_ATLANTIC_STATION_BRIDGE_14MPxAUTO.JPG ATLANTA, Ga. (Feb. 9, 2014) – Younghyun Cho – a native of Korea, takes a moment to capture the downtown Atlanta night skyline from the Atlantic Station bridge. Photographer Michael Uribe was there to capture a few photos of Cho in action.

Coincidentally, there was a news station broadcasting at the time Cho was taking pictures.

Vol: 20140209_1826PA


Kondwani – River’s Edge

20140119_1100PAC_049_PSHOOT_KONDWANI_PACES_MILLS_RIVER_SIT_2048xAUTO.JPG ATLANTA, Ga. (Jan. 19, 2014) – Model Kondwani Kapembwa and photographer Michael Uribe take time out of their busy schedules to conduct a photo shoot somewhere deep inside one of Atlanta’s parks. The weather was cold, and many challenges existed for both the model and the photographer alike to maintain their composure during the day while on location shooting along side a flowing river.

Vol: 20140119_1100PAC Photography by MichaelUribe.com


Kondwani – River Walk

20140119_1100PAD_066_PSHOOT_KONDWANI_PACES_MILLS_RIVER_WALK_2048xAUTO.JPG ATLANTA, Ga. (Jan. 19, 2014) – Model Kondwani Kapembwa and photographer Michael Uribe take time out of their busy schedules to conduct a photo shoot along side a river somewhere in Atlanta.The weather was cold, and challenges existed for both the model and the photographer to maintain their composure during the day while shooting on location.

Vol: 20140119_1100PAD Photography by MichaelUribe.com


Photographer’s Notes:

There were a couple of challenges involved in this shot.
First, the water. The river bent a number of times, and in order to get the composition I wanted I needed to step into the water. Otherwise, various background elements not desired would have made their way into the composition.

The weather was also cold. This limited the time Kondwani was able to model between each session. After each shooting session, Kondwani would bundle herself up in a blanket to warm back up. This, not only kept here comfortable, it also kept goose bumps from forming on her skin which are very noticeable if measures are not taken to keep the model warm.

The distance Kondwani was able to walk for each shot was also limited given where the portable lights were position around here. I had her walk back and forth along a path around six feet long to keep the light hitting her relatively consistent.

Kondwani made the best of the mood during the shot. I love how she improvised during the shot by slowly poring out sand from the wooden cup while she walked. An unexpected surprise.

Because I was also shooting into the sun which occasionally found its way between the trees, I needed to stay in one spot or shield my lens to avoid lens flare.

When shooting along a sandy beach, I was also mindful of excessive foot prints cluttering up the sand. Though in these shots, given the low angle I was shooting at, foot prints in the sand were not too much of an issue. However, in scenes where the model is surrounded by sand that is visible in the composition, that would be much more of a concern.

From an equipment standpoint, one of the lights needed to be placed into the river to keep it from getting into the shot. Though the river was shallow, and its current was moving relatively slow, setting up the light in the river was done very carefully to avoid dropping anything into the river such as the pocket wizards, portable battery power or even the flashes themselves. Efforts were made to insure each device was tightly affixed to the stand.

It’s one thing to describe the concerns of setting up valuable electronics in the middle of a river, and its another thing doing it yourself. You just are going to have to try it once to understand the heighten level of urgency it brings to the set.